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Dear Friends,
In as much as we would like to accept Christmas as the period to exchange gifts and felicitate with friends and family, it is key for us to understand the essence of this period.

It is no doubt that it is the season of giving, remembering and acknowledging the greatest giver, God. Jesus is God's gift to men. Jesus was born for an ultimate purpose: to redeem man back to God. It is needful for us to understand that the birth of Jesus was the true significance of God's intention toward mankind; to bring us into fellowship with Him in order to live our lives to its full capacity the way God intended.

The Bible establishes that Jesus was born so that those, who all their lives were subject to bondage may find freedom; those who lived in the shadows of death may have the freedom to live life in full. He was born to redeem man from eternal death-condemnation. He was "born that man no more may die, born to give them second birth..."

Celebrate this God's gift as you share your gifts with loved ones, both family and non-families alike. Remember, while we were not yet family with God, God sent His Son Jesus Christ to bring us into union with Him.

Celebrate with this knowledge today.


Michaels, Osas & 
The TransEdge Team

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